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1.19.0 (latest)

DBM Version for 1.19.0 is released!

Release Time: 2022-06-23


  • Add multiple editor theme
  • Redesign data source deletion prompt
  • Support metadata management to jump to the query page
  • Delete the domain name incubator tag
  • Add some trend charts and project badges
  • Fix that the editor cannot boot when it automatically prompts for multiple options, and the option is highlighted
  • Compressed and packaged binary software package


  • Upgrade angular to 14.0.1
  • Upgrade electron to 16.2.0



  • Support the currently stopped running process

Trino & Presto

  • Supports query result time and total number of data issues-158


  • Support quick query operation issues-180
  • Supports query result time and total number of data issues-180
  • Supports monitor → processors issues-180
  • Supports monitor → connection issues-180
  • Supports metadata management of disk usage issues-180
  • Support metadata management menu server related operations issues-180


  • Support PostgreSQL (custom query and data source management)
  • Add PostgreSQL docs


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